Thursday 12 August 2010


Are popping out everywhere, this is my new baby cousin, isn't she gorgeous! She had a few setbacks at first but she is home now and doing well, she had her first family bash at the weekend too! It took me a while to click that she was actually my cousin it is such a long time I had a new one. There is only 4 years between me and my uncle and it has taken him a while to get round to the baby producing thing!

 This set I made for my new cousin, I pit some crinkly wrapper in the taggy so it makes a noise when you squash it and this woodland print is favourite, not much of that left of it though...looks like I have to go fabric shopping soon. The bib pattern is from Bend The Rules Sewing, still one of my favourite sewing books, such great projects in there. I don't remember where the shoe pattern came from, the pattern pieces have been in my folder forever but there are loads of free bootie patterns out on the net.

The bibs are backed with rubberised towelling which is brilliant as it stops anything soaking through the bib but it feels like fabric. I used a couple of change mats made from it when Ebi-kun was little and then last time I was in Nippori I round a big roll of it, perfect for baby gifts.
And these ones I made this bib and bootie set for my husbands co-worker, I love this duckling fabric, I think it is Shinji Katoh and this was the very last little bit I had.


  1. Baby, gifts...everything is just so adorable!!

  2. Loving your makings - my friends are all having babies too - and bibs and little cute slippers are things I have never ever tried before!


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