Saturday 14 August 2010

Honest Pretzels

We have had the book Pretend Soup for quite a while and enjoyed making lots of the recipes from it such as zucchini moons, and green spaghetti so I got him the book Honest Pretzels for his birthday and the Honest Pretzels are the first thing we have made from it.

 The book is the next step up from Pretend Soup and the recipes are a bit more complicated. The book explains to the child when they need to ask an adult for help, at just five Ebi-kun won't be doing any unsupervised cooking for a while yet but he is able to follow the instructions and tell me what we need to do next.
 He really enjoyed making the pretzels, the recipe calls for 1/2 the dough recipe mix so we put the other half in the freezer - a great 'I'm bored' stand-by.
 and the verdict? the pretzels were lovely, especially straight out of the oven, hmmm soooo good! I think I needed the oven a bit hotter though, I will know for next time. My gripes with the book is that it is all American measurements, I would like to see grams instead of sticks of butter and the such like or like the majority of the books I have they have both measurements next to the recipe, same goes with the oven temperature. There is a conversion table at the front of the book but it is only half cocked and not that useful, apart from that it is great and we have already book marked a few more recipes to try.
I have found that during the holidays a cooking project around 4.30pm works well so Ebi-kun has been helping a lot in the kitchen recently.


  1. Wow. They look fabulous and I love the serious look on your cook's face!

  2. That is a great idea. The pretzels look yummy!

  3. what great ideas and I love those books... did you get the from the Book Depository? And I agree about having both measurements...I am on all the time trying to figure out what I need!


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