Friday 27 August 2010

Introducing Parsley and Trent

This is Parsley, he is an artist, a free spirit and really isn't into the idea of a formal education he prefers to learn from life not from a stuffy old teacher with bad breath and a wrinkled jacket. He likes to think that he has Parisian roots but sadly he doesn't, his favourite meal is a plate of good cheeses, a French baguette and a glass of fine red wine. Parsley is also a vegetarian which is a good job since his best friend is a zebra.
 Meet Trent, Trent is the bad ass of the two, he has more attitude than a bus load of teenagers, he is also anti-education, anti-anything involving someone telling him what to do, just ask his mom. Despite dying his head red and constantly wearing a sneer, Trent is mostly misunderstood, he loves nature, is an eco-warrior and his favourite meal is a good quality tofu burger with a nice crisp salad.
 They are an odd couple, but then, the best of friends often are, they are also incredibly easy to make, suitable for beginners too, want to know how? Pop over here...

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