Tuesday 17 August 2010


Did you miss me? I had scheduled a few posts because I knew we would be down at the in-laws for a few days for Obon. Fortunately we don't have to go through a whole load of rituals or anything, just eat and drink as much as possible - well that is what it feels like! When we were there is was jii-chans 71st birthday of course we ate a BIG special meal and drank too much :o)

 One of the days we headed over to meet up with Jacqui of Mee a Bee, last year we hung out at the beach and all got sun burnt so this year Jacqui suggested a spot in the mountains, it was wonderfully cool and shaded and the boys spent most of the time playing in the river whilst Jacqui and I chatted. The only down side was that a killer horsefly was determined to get me, I got bitten several times, even through my clothes. We then headed back to Jacqui's house, which is beautiful  I got to see how she has her work room set up  and we chatted some more, later my husband wanted to know what on earth we could spend all day talking about LOL.
It was a great day out and Ebi-kun enjoyed having other kids to play with, hopefully we will meet up again next year, thanks Jacqui, see you then!

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