Tuesday 31 August 2010

Painting techniques

Painting is a popular past time in this house, I only wish we had somewhere that we could set up as a dedicated painting space, sadly we don't so it is a big cloth on the living room floor or sitting at the counter to paint. Ebi-kun wanted to paint the other day but then couldn't decide what so I suggested trying different techniques so he started off painting with yarn but he wasn't very impressed with that.

Then we dropped big blobs of paint onto the paper and her blue them with a straw, it looks pretty cool on the blue paper (big pack of paper from Costco, I bought it before Christmas and we have about a third left and we get through lots of paper)
Then an oldie but a goodie, marble painting, dip your marble in paint then roll it around the paper. We dug out some different sized balls to see what the difference would be, I love the finished product on marble paintings. If you plan to try any of these I highly recommend putting your paper in a cardboard box.
It has been interesting watching his painting interests as he grows, first it was all about the texture of the paint and then it was very much about the process and the mixing of colours now he has started to think about which process will get the end result that he wants and so the end result has become as important as the process.


  1. Those are some gorgeous paintings!

  2. Love them! I enjoy seeing my kids experiment with mixing colours and the different shapes and textures they can make - such great learning going on at the same time as fun!


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