Saturday 21 August 2010

Planets and Space - more books

I am a book lover, and I don't mind spending money on books especially if I think they will be read for years to come and with the previous planet books that I reviewed here I think these too will also be well loved for quite some time. With the interest in planets being so strong at the moment I didn't want Ebi-kun to miss out on the other things out there mainly the stars and the moon. We love The Planet Gods book so much that I decided to get another in the series, Zoo In The Sky. Just as The Planet Gods, the illustrations are captivatingly beautiful, there is enough information without getting bogged down and it is presented in a way that is easy to remember. 
The page with Leo on it is Ebi-kuns favourite as it his star sign.

This next book is one that everyone should have in their home library, Moonshot by Brian Floca the illustrations are detailed but not over-crowded and the way it is written is brilliant. It reads like a story, rather poetic but it is factual and all about the Space mission of Apollo 11, I think it will suit a range of ages too, younger ones happy to listen to the story and look at the pictures whereas older ones can read it themselves and  learn more from the info pages, it gets a big thumbs up from everyone in this household.

As soon as Ebi-kun looked through this became an astronaut and he is forever quizzing me on space facts and figures  - I must admit, I don't fair too well, better get reading it myself!

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  1. ahhhh.... I love moonshot - I love how it takes space and exploration and shows it as a thing of beauty as well as hard science.


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