Tuesday 10 August 2010

The planets part 2 - making of the planets

This was quite a big project, I wanted to break it down and do a few each day but Ebi-kun wasn't having any of it. We did do it over two days, the first we collected different sized cups and plates to draw around to make the different planets, we used quite thick card so Ebi-kun couldn't cut them out, that became my job. Once we had them all cut out I convinced him that we should do the painting the next day. Here he is painting Neptune, we used both of these books as a refernence, he said he wanted them to be real looking. Before he started on each planet we talked about what the planet was made of, gas or rocks or ice and how each planet should be painted to make it look real.

 Once they were all done we punched holes in the top and strung them on clear nylon wire to hang them, so we now have the solar system hanging over the dinner table. We wrote the names of the planets on the back just in case we I forget which is which.
 Jupiter turned out beautiful, as it is made of gas he decided to use very watery paint. My job was to mix the colours and his was to do the painting. The rings of Saturn were a bit tricky, we ended up painting on some clear plastic, (a cut up folder) but isn't really strong enough so it is a bit droopy!


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