Thursday 26 August 2010

You son is gin machine!

I wish! 
Tuesday we went to the park to meet up with a friend and her niece and her little boy, perfect excuse for a paddle and a gossip. When we were there I noticed a big red patch on Ebi-kun's neck, figured it was a bite, it wasn't itchy so I didn't think much more of it. Later, back at home I noticed he had more of the patches, it was getting late so I thought we would bathe him and see what it was like in the morning, if it was any worse I would take him to the doc. Get up yesterday, virtually all of them gone, phew. Just as well since there would be hell to pay if he missed his first day back at yochien. He has 3 half days this week then he is off until the 1st when he has a couple of more half days and starts back proper on the 3rd.
Well, he came back from yochien covered in blotches again, he was tired so I let him have a nap, when he woke up he was even worse, covered all over, so it was off to the doctors we went. 
I pretty much ruled out any kind of allergic reaction to food since he hadn't eaten anything that we don't normally eat, the doc had a quick (and I mean quick, a slight glance was all he managed) and diagnosed it as ジンマシン I had no idea what that was so the doc told me 'your son is gin machine' now the doc has one of those gadgets that you put to your throat to help you speak and he talks somewhat like Darth Vada, so I left the clinic with Darth Vada telling me my son was a gin machine. Confused! I was was. I get out my translator and put in the Japanese and yes, it told me that ジンマシンis gin machine. Aghhh. I call hubby who explains that it is hives and nothing to do with alcohol making gadgets! 
So, Ebi-kun got some meds and he is off to yochien this morning, fairly rash free, and me, I am gin free, which is probably a god thing since it is only 8.30 in the morning.

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  1. Apart from the rash, thats hysterical...Your son is a gin could have made a fortune in sly liquor!


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