Thursday 30 September 2010

Going Batty

After going to the cave at the weekend Ebi-kun got interested in bats, so I was straight onto the Book Depository to order a couple of books on bats, I will review them once we get them. I also made a set of 3 part cards. Ebi-kun worked for quite a while with these, he kept muddling the same ones up and wouldn't put the cards away until he had got them all right.
If you would like a set, you can download them here I expect we will have more batty 
activities going on, it is the season for it after all.


  1. We recently visited a children's museum with a small, pretend cave inside. My son LOVED the bat wings they had for dress up. I've already bought the fabric to make some, but I admit I fell down on the opportunity to help him learn more. I've starred this so I can come back and get the cards once I make the wings. (I doubt he'll do them unless he's excited about bats again.)

  2. Gotta love the Book Depository and thanks for sharing those cards, they will come in handy. :)


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