Wednesday 22 September 2010


There is a strange thing happening in our house, Ebi-kun is role playing various scenes for the Star Wars movies, he can name many of the characters, knows all about light sabers and Darth Vader BUT he has never seen any of the films! I did go and see the last Star Wars film just before I gave birth to him but I don't think that counts. He has seen some Star Wars toys in the shops and odd pictures but I am not sure how he knows so much about it, apparently none of the boys in his 'gang' at yochien have seen it either. As I type he is building an X-wing out of lego. Do your kids do the same sort of thing?

image from Mi cielo on Etsy


  1. I am so sorry to tell you that at our school 3 years old are talking about Star Wars, and nobody has seen the film!

  2. M used to play Bob the builder a lot before she ever saw an episode, and now it's the same with Ben 10 - I guess that's the terrible power of advertising!

  3. Those are very cute!

    My boys are the same - love star wars but have never seen the movies! We probably will let them soon - just didn't want to see them while they were too young (my husband saw the first one at the movies when he was 3!).

    p.s. as I've been looking at your post the boys have been drooling over the pic!


    My boys play "lightsabers" all the time. They also have a large collection of superheroes that the play with. They know all about spiderman, superman, the hulk...etc., and exactly what their "powers" are.

    They are not really allowed to watch TV, and we shop at really weird mom and pop stores with not much advertising. They learned about it from my husband and I, we are of the "star wars/superhero" generation. We renovated our playroom and decorated it with vintage superhero posters and the questions from the boys began. We answered their questions and voila!

    Most of their toy stash are actually my husband's old toys. We have a bunch of his old toys in bins in our basement. I the other day I looked and we have six or eight boxes labelled "Daddy toys." He has more toys than the kids!

  5. Hah - the girls know about tv programmes that we have never seen. I'm assuming it comes from friends talking about it in the playground.....

  6. yes, totally
    we actually let Eli watch the original one as his Christmas gift last year because he had been role playing and he was glued (and I didn't know why, I thought he would be bored)... and now everything is a battle or a mission... he saw an episode of Clone wars once in Hungarian at a friends house.... and LOVED it and I think that gave him some ideas and fueled it as well.

    I am thinking that I am not going to be able to do the swap right now... I am in language full time and Zach is traveling a lot, so I am barely getting by most days I am so tired... but I still have time to decide, I think. I think it would be fun.

    I also ordered books from the Book Depository, I am surprised they came individually instead of in one big package but it is soooo nice to have English books... thanks again for introducing me to the site!!!

    sorry for such a long response!

  7. Funny, Little-N is exactly the same. He's always building starwars ships out of lego. He started showing an interest in it a year ago ago when he saw pictures of it in a lego magazine. He even bought himself a lego Darth Vader with his own money!

  8. LOL well it looks like Ebi-kun is not alone!

    Julie - forgot to say that all the books come separately, I thin it is because they have several warehouses so they get dispatched from different places.

    Ebi-kun is currently using his light saber to kill his dinosaurs *sigh*


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