Wednesday 6 October 2010

money, money, money....

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Ebi-kun decided he wanted to see how much money he had saved. He doesn't get paid for chores, I want him to help around the house as a part of his role within the family not doing it grudgingly for money. On the odd days he turns his nose up at his jobs we talk about how he feels and how he thinks I feel when I have all the other jobs to do when I would rather be sewing, this always does the trick! I do pay him for modelling for me and we have to go into a whole role play about how my agent called his agent...yada, yada, yada! He is also a fiend for finding loose chance, if you empty a few coins out of your pocket, that is it, they are gone.
Like most kids he thinks that the more coins you have the richer you are, he already has the concept of exchanging 10 units for a 10 bar and ten 10 bars for 100 square (from the Montessori gold bead material) so I thought it was about time we introduced the same theory to money.
Here he is making the sides balance and he discovered that 10 x ¥1 coins = ¥10 and so do 2 x ¥5 and so do 5 x ¥1 + 1 x ¥5 he spent quite a long time trying out the different combinations.
Eventually he added up all the money he had got and it came to ¥2202 ($26/₤16/€19) so I asked him what he could buy with the money, he said he could take us out for lunch but then added, well you have to take me there by bicycle then I will pay! ahhhh so cute!

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  1. This is such a great work! I haven't seen this before.



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