Tuesday 19 October 2010


I was talking to Ebi-kun the other day, he was saying that it is cool that he can speak 2 languages so I asked him if you would like to be able to speak 3 languages - ohhhh that would be TOO cool came the reply. So, I went on, so if you could speak a third language, which language would you like to speak, he was quite for a while then said... American!
I nearly split my sides laughing.


  1. LOVE it! Out of the mouth of babes! Keep going on the languages. I always regret not focusing on it more as a child. Take care, Kerri

  2. my son who was I think 5 at the time, told me in all ernestness that he speaks two languages, english and americish....
    this makes more sense when you know i'm english and my husband is american and we live in wisconsin....
    so yes... i know what you mean..
    SO funny


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