Tuesday 26 October 2010

Where In The World Postcard Swap - round up

We have had most of our postcards from the swap, and some great postcards they are too.

Ebi-kun has been getting his encyclopedia out each time a new card arrived to find where in the world it is and we have also been reading Children Just Like Me which is a great book that looks at children from all over the world.
The cards haven't made it into their respective continent boxes yet instead we have left them out and they have sparked numerous conversations. One of my swap partners mentioned that they had a tough time finding suitable pictures due to her being assigned a war torn country, I must admit that this hadn't crossed my mind when I dished out the countries, something to consider for next time. I do have a soft spot for Zonnah's cards purely because they are from North Korea, when the first one arrived I had left it on the table, my husband is used to finding postcards from far flung places but his face was a picture when he picked it up, he did the whole double take thing and looked completely confused, ahh well, I am easily amused.
I would like to thank everyone who took part and helped to make it a successful swap, I hope you and your kids had fun with it too, no matter how your use the cards.


  1. As a Montessori Directress who isn't currently working in a classroom I had a TON of fun with this project. It reminded me of preparing lessons and how much I enjoy learning about our world when "teaching". Thanks Jo for organizing this! ~ Charissa :) Everett (Seattle), WA USA

  2. I am so happy you liked the cards! I will make a post soon about ours and link up.


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