Monday 29 November 2010

First Football Match...

Ebi-kun goes to football practice on a Saturday and this last Saturday his coach arranged to play a match against the their local elementary school. They split the group into little kids and big kids and Ebi-kun was the youngest of the lot, most of the kids our team played against we 1st or 2nd grade. Our team is the lot in a multicoloured shirts (they don't have a team strip yet!) Considering it was their first proper game they did well and well, the score doesn't matter does it :o)

 After they had all played a couple of games - some of our boys were shattered because they ended up playing for the little kids and the big kids! They joined the elementary kids for practice, it all finished around 3pm then we went back to coaches house for a party, it was a great day, sadly daddy-ebi was working and missed all the fun!

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