Monday 1 November 2010

The last Halloween post for this year...

Well you know a few posts back we carved a daikon because we couldn't find a pumpkin, well...we went to the supermarket Saturday morning and they had reduced the couple of pumpkins they had to ¥300! Bargain. So Sunday we decided to have a quiet family day at home, we did the pumpkin together, Ebi-kun got to scrape all the seeds out, a good sensory experience :o)

 I roasted the seeds then used the flesh to make pumpkin soup, which was absolutely disgusting, the pumpkin had no flavour at all, Japanese pumpkin had a very rich distinct flavour, I'm not sure if we were unlucky or whether this type of pumpkin always tastes like this! So we ended up scoffing all the freshly baked cheese bread instead.

 Ebi-kun drew the face on the pumpkin and daddy carved it

 Then I had a go on the back of it's head but I didn't cut right through, just took away the thick skin. After all that excitment were snuggled up on the sofa and watched Pooh's Halloween. Then I found some of my old teaching things, I have a whole file of Halloween stuff so we played some games, lots of giggling and silliness ensued.

 We finished off the afternoon with some Frankinpizza and then we went to trick and trick at our neighbours house. We had loads of candy, so we took a leaf out of this lady's book and went and knocked on the all the neighbours doors, the ones that have kids that is and gave them candy. I am sure they will all be totally confused now about the whole trick and treating tradition.

and now it is all over, Ebi-kun and daddy are already planning what to wear next year and I am giving food ideas a serious thought....

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  1. I love the clock in the background of the first picture of this post. Ive never seen one like that before. Its excellent.

  2. thank you! I love it too but when I bought it, it had no numbers on it and hubby complained he couldn't read the time so I had to stick some numbers on it for him!

  3. if those are american pumpkins, mainly grown for carving then no, they have no flavor. they're not meant to be eaten. i'm not sure what variety is used for pumpkin pie, but the lack of flavor is why there's so much sugar and spice in a pumpkin pie!


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