Monday 15 November 2010

Montessori Farm Nov 2010

We had our monthly class at the Montessori farm again yesterday and it was great fun, I should warn you that I forgot to take my camera so the photos were taken with my phone.
We started off by making bread dough, once it was well mixed we left it to rest and went for a walk.
 First we went to the little shrine that belongs to Gen's family, it was built about 400 years ago and then we had a walk through the bamboo woods, boys being boys all tried to cram themselves into the 'bamboo prison'. When we had got back the dough was ready so we wrapped dough around bamboo sticks.
 Gen showed the kids how to build a fire then we baked the bread both A-kun and Ebi-kun managed to blacken theirs! Once the kids had finished the dads moved in and cooked their own lunch.
 L-kun and Ebi-kun waiting to tuck into their bread.
 Yasuyo serving  the kids their soup, I love this picture of M1-chan jamming the bread into her mouth. lol.
 Once lunch was over the kids had a run about and then we had story time, I read the The Big Dark and We All Went On Safari and then we walked over the the Montessori House. 
T-kun doing the 100 board.
 The children are more familiar with the place now and settled in quite quickly, L-kun was fascinated with the beads.
 All the boys are dinosaur crazy so I took my cards with me, K1-kun and K2-kun worked together matching the names of the cards, maybe next time we will prepare some dino themed writing practice to go with it.
 The leaf shapes in the botany cabinet were very popular,  think almost all the children used them at some stage.
 The two girls were so cute, they worked together washing the cloths in the washing station until they ran out of cloths then all they could find to wash were the aprons on the shelf so they asked Yasuyo if they could do the aprons too! Maybe next time we should have more cloths to wash or maybe I will take my dirty laundry with me :o)
We finished off with a story, this time I read Stone Soup and then I asked each child to bring a vegetable to the next class so we can make stone soup together. I think because the kids had been outside and worn themselves out a bit so by the time they got to the house they had settled down, boys especially need that running around and physical bonding time. 

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  1. It looks and sounds like a marvelous learning experience for the kids.


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