Thursday 18 November 2010

Painting with water colours...

I think, like most kids, Ebi-kun usually goes about his paintings by painting the subject first and filling in the background afterwards so I thought I would show him a different way to approach it. I picked up some water colour paper from the ¥100 shop, I do have some decent paper but I thought he should practice the technique a bit before I let him loose on the good stuff. As much as I would love to have him use top notch materials all the time, I just can't afford to do that!
I showed him how to apply the paint and water on my own page and then he had a go, he kept wanting to make the colours bright and vibrant, like you get with tempura or acrylic paints so I had to keep explaining that we were going for a different effect.
Once the paper had dried I drew a scene on my paper but only used black and then he had a go, it is a bear running near a tree, I love how it turned out. Once he had the finished picture he decided he liked the pastel background and asked to do it again.

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