Saturday 13 November 2010

Scandinavian Stitches....

Hmmm craft books, my favourite! I had Scandinavian Stitches on pre order and it arrived a couple of days ago and I have to say it is lovely. Not really what I expected, I'm not sure what I expected, just something different! Kajsa's style really shines through and there are some great projects which are separated into seasons.
 I have a couple bookmarked already - like I have the time! I love this scarf and the fact that it uses up those tiny scraps from other projects - of which I have many.
 I am also eying up this cute basket, there are quite a few free motion and free stitching projects and ideas, I haven't done much of it on my machine yet, I think these smaller projects would be perfect for practicing free motion sewing.
There are quite a few of Kajsa birds which pop up on different projects, the instructions read well and she has included lots of tips, I think the book would be suitable for beginners and up, the style reminds me a lot of the Japanese books, clean cut, cute and a lot of linen. Can't wait to try and make something from it.

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  1. That just looks lovely... the book cover so inspired me that I popped over to her blog and I have had a fabulous browse about - thankyou!!!


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