Tuesday 9 November 2010

The Stamp Game

The last couple of weeks there has very little in the way of sewing, crafting and Montessori work going on, there has been a lot of snuggling on the sofa and coughing until you throw up! Last night was the first time he slept through the night so hopefully he is on the mend.
He has had the stamp game out, he has been itching to work with this, first we did a quick review using the gold beads.
 I made up a little book with 10 problems to solve in it. I showed him how to do the first one then he had a go, here he is laying out the tiles for the top number.
 and then the tiles for the bottom number.

 Pushing them together and adding them up. He got the hang of it quite quickly so I left him to do the rest by himself. There were three problems where he had forgotten to carry over, since it was the same mistake he was making I asked him to redo those questions with me assisting so he understood where he was going wrong.
The next morning he showed daddy how to do it, this is a good exercise for him since he has no classmates or peers, daddy often becomes the student.

We have friends here for a couple of days, so we are off to do the tourist bit today.

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  1. Happened to do the same exercise with beans just yesterday! We call it 'the bean calculator' and P is kicked about it :)


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