Friday 19 November 2010

Update on Posting to the US

I have been following the Etsy forums on this, it looks like the Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania and Portugal are doing the same, no parcels accepted over 1lb to be mailed to the US. it also looks like the countries that use cargo planes for their mail are not affected only those who ship using passenger planes.

I have had my first order from the States since this ridiculous rule came into play and normally I would buy stamps from the 7/11 and pop it in the post box but it looks like I have to cart all the way over to the post office for any mail to the US.

☆☆☆This bit is just for US customers, everyone else, business is as usual.☆☆☆
Obviously I don't want to put customers off but I do want to keep you informed, most of the items in my shop are light weight it is only if you order multiple items it would be a problem as a basic guide 2 yards of light weight cotton or 1.5 yards of medium weight cotton is the limit for one parcel - this does depend of the fabric though since they all weigh a different amount. If you want more pop convo me so we can work out the details.

On another note, I will be going fabric shopping tomorrow, if you have any requests please drop me a line.

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