Friday 3 December 2010

1st advent activity

I am not sure we will manage an activity every day but I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Last week I spotted some mini wreaths and glittery pom-poms so out first activity was to make a wreath. This is the first time that Ebi-kun has used the glue gun, he is usually very careful and will listen when I tell him something is hot/sharp/dangerous. But accidents do happen and he did stick his finger in the hot glue. Luckily is isn't hot enough to burn but shocked him into paying attention.
 We also found a few red and green pom-poms and a handful of little bells.
 There isn't much of a size comparison but this is a 
tiny wreath so we covered it in white buttons, cute!


  1. Wow your little boy is braver than me. I am still really scared of the glue gun and only use it when I really have to!

    I love you button wreath, very cute!


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