Saturday 11 December 2010

Gift Guide - our top choices

I know all kids are different but I thought I would give you a run down of our most played with toys ...
(in no particular order)

LEGO - He got the castle and some small sets for his birthday, first time round me and daddy built it for him, I think he was overwhelmed with it all. Since then he has build all but the drawbridge by himself. It does tend to stay built and then he plays with it as a castle rather than rebuilding it as something else.

WOODEN BLOCKS - these still get lots of play, from building robots to cities, I have blogged about these before over here.

SCHLEICH - dinosaurs and knights. When I first came across these I admit my first thought was 'how much'? But daddy bought a couple when he was a business trip last year and they have been played and played and played with, the paint hasn't chipped at all, in fact they all look good as new, amazing considering the amount of jousts and battles that go on around these parts. The other thing I love is the attention to detail, we are so impressed with these toys that we have ordered more for his main present this Christmas. I ordered through HappyHappySue, the service was great and the toys a bit cheaper than most places.
*** edit - I am no longer happy with 'Happy Happy Sue' after putting in a second order, they apparently sent it to Japan although I requested it be sent to my moms address but it never turned up and so they eventually refunded the money. I attempted to make the order again since it was supposed to Ebi-kuns main present and then I find out several days later that they can no longer ship to Japan. Shoddy, very shoddy.

TOMIKA - toy cars, Tomika is the main toy car manufacturer here so most of his little cars are Tomikas. We don't have any of the accessories, just a selection of cars. They are the toy of choice to go on train trips and the back of the car.

ART AND CRAFT SUPPLIES - in all shapes and forms. He would rather have blank paper than coulouring books, he does like activity books though, dot-to-dot and mazes. He prefers felt tips pens and coloured pencils to crayons, he does like the Japanese oil pastels.

DRESS UP CLOTHES - like many kids, ebi-kun loves dressing up and make believe. We have a treasure chest from Ikea which is where all his dress up clothes live, I am hoping to pick up a couple more bits and bobs to add to the collection when we get to the UK. last Christmas I made Spotty his faithfully steed using a Melly and Me Pattern, it is really easy to follow and Ebi-kun LOVES Spotty.

and finally....
BOOKS - in every subject! It doesn't matter the language, Ebi-kun devours books, luckily for him, his parents are book lovers too.

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