Monday 6 December 2010

Has Harajuku lost it's edge? and do you need a haircut?

I went into Harajuku on Saturday to get my hair cut, I haven't been into that part of Tokyo for a while and I was quite surprised at how much it has changed. There are a lot of new stores, places like Top Shop and H&M and a lot of the cool little stores (the ones I like) had disappeared. Harajuku was always one of my favourite places to mooch but after wandering around for an hour or so I got bored and decided to head out, I will stick to Shimokitazawa in the future. That said, I did discover that there is a MoMA shop there and spent a good amount of time playing in there and found a lovely present for a cute little boy, I will show you that later.
Back to the hair, I know many foreigners don't like to get their hair cut by a Japanese hairdresser and I have plenty of friends who have disaster stories to tell but I can totally recommend Kaz from Dude. He speaks English fluently, he spent 4 years in London and has lots of experience with foreign hair. Kaz will discuss what you want, talk about the best way to get the result you are after and advise you from his experience, although there was some chit chat when he cut off the dead ends but when he got down to the proper styling he excused himself and told me he was getting into his 'creative zone' which was fine by me. I had a good read through some trashy English magazines and tried to memorise all these 'celebraties' names so I don't feel totally out of it when I go home! I left feeling great and that I had made a new friend, I will definitely be going back to Dude next time.


  1. It's a bit like Camden Town isn't it? Last time I went there I thought it had changed, it became too commercial for me.

  2. We lived in Okinawa, JP for 4 years and I loved getting my hair cut at small privately owned salons. My favorite had an ocean view and little crystal chandeliers above each chair. I always felt like I was at the spa since they would massage my head and neck and spend an hour even just for a trim! I miss it. I don't know about Tokyo prices but I found the prices on the island comparable to prices in the states for a lot better service. I miss Japan so I enjoy your blog!

  3. popbabe7 - can't really compare to Camden Town since I haven't been there for years but I imagine it is the same kind of vibe.

    Chestnut - I think the prices are comparable to the UK, I used to go to Tony and Guy in Tokyo and that was cheaper than the place my mom uses back home, just a little local place.


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