Monday 20 December 2010

A lovely few days

Moms computer really doesn't want to play so I can't upload any pictures grrrr.
We spend the last few days down in Nottingham at Di's house, finally got to meet her little boy in real life, he is such a cutie and a really messy eater lol. Friday we went to Warwick Castle which was great, although the drive over wasn't that great due to the snowy weather. There weren't many other visitors so we pretty much had the place to ourselves, the staff were brilliant all dressed in character and so funny. Luckily Di had won the tickets which was just as well because it is really expensive to go in, I think if you go in the summer when they have the jousting and other events on it is probably worth the money, we had a great time anyway and kept popping back to the great hall to have a warm by the fire.
The next day the girls came, sadly Kerry couldn't make it because her little girl was sick but we started off with afternoon tea, mulled wine and pink fizz before heading into town for a mexican meal. The food was lovely but the service was so slow! Gave us plenty of time to catch up although it must be said that the two non-moms in the group were right wusses drinking apple juice and peppermint tea - what has the world come to?
All in all it was a great few days, it was worth battling the weather to catch up with everyone, I didn't think we would manage it this time with it being so close to Christmas, Di is such a superstar for organising everything and spoiling me rotton whilst we were there.
Most of the UK has ground to a standstill because of the weather, it's not too bad where we are, fingers crossed the snow holds off until daddy-ebi gets here.

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  1. You have got really lucky, we didn't get any snow in Nottingham this week, but you should have seen it last week, thick snow with a layer of ice, I don't know anyone that didn't fall over! I can understand why you went to Warwick Castle, Nottingham Castle leaves a lot to be desired!!


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