Monday 6 December 2010

Montessori Farm - December 2010

Yesterday was our monthly day at the Montessori farm and it was a beautiful day. We started off with a walk around the farm, the children worked in pairs with a colour box.
my leaf is bigger than your leaf!
 The children harvested peanuts, digging in the ground to find them, it was the first time for me too!
 Last time, I read the book Stone Soup to the children and then asked them all to bring one vegetable to the class this time so we could make our own stone soup. Yasuyo worked with the children in pairs as they prepared their own vegetables to go in the soup and I worked with the other kids. We did a leaf matching game and then made head-dresses which were very popular.
 I gave each child their own Native American name, which they thought was very funny and then we played Chinese Native American whispers.
 Then it was nearly lunch time so we read Stone Soup again, this time we added the vegetables that the kids bought. Yasuyo then showed them how to prepare choco bananas that were then cooked on the fire.
 Lunch went down well, the soup was a big hit
 The parents, they tend to come and go, hang out, drink coffee and relax, I think they enjoy the day as much as the kids!
 The kids couldn't wait to tuck into their choco-bananas, there were a lot of chocolate faces when they had finished.
 Then we moved over to the Montessori house.
doing the red rods maze
 I didn't manage to get many pictures in the house.
T-kun and Ebi-kun doing the 100 board
 L-kun is three and a half but he is really tall, he is taller then Ebi-kun who is about 2 years older than him. It is easy to forget sometimes that he is only three, he really enjoyed this work, the poles are actually bolts and different sizes.
L-kun worked with this for a long time

This must be M1-chan's favourite work, she heads straight to it each time.
We finished up with a couple of Christmas books then headed back to the farm to meet the rest of parents. 


  1. What a wonderful time!! I love how everybody is so involved in how the day develops. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hey Jo,

    I saw this and thought of you guys...have you been here? Talk about taking Continent boxes "outside the box."

  3. it is quite a long day really, from 10am-3pm but it doesn't seem to feel that long and the kids all have a good time.

    MBT - we haven't been there yet, it is too far away to do as a day trip, might be an idea for a camp trip next year.


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