Wednesday 29 December 2010


Well we had a great time over Christmas, it is the first time for many years (we can't actually remember when the last one was!) that me and my two brothers have been together for Christmas. There was a lot of drinking and silly stories, Christmas day wasn't too manic since Ebi-kun was the only child, he was made up with all the knight gear he got. Mom did us proud with the Christmas dinner - she proclaims not to cook these days so putting on a full dinner was quite an achievement. Boxing Day (the 26th) mom dropped one of my brothers off at the airport and went with the other to pick up his kids, so Ebi-kun had his cousins to play with for a couple of days. Boxing day turned into Christmas Day mark II since the kids had another set of presents to open.

Yesterday we took the kids to the Wacky Warehouse - a big ball pit place to get them to burn some energy, the weather hasn't been up to much so no outdoor play, it wasn't too busy and after a couple of mad hours they came home rather subdued. Right now, the house is quiet, mom has taken my brother and his kids back to his place and we are just kicking back and relaxing! I am hoping for a good nights sleep, the first night the cousins were here, M went to bed absolutely shattered about 7pm and Papie (my step dad) got absolutely plastered, my mom talked him into going to bed but he managed to wake up M and she then refused to go back to sleep unless she stayed with daddy. The second night she went down fine but woke up in the middle of the night and screamed blue murder, I think the only person she didn't wake up was her dad - who is one of those who sleeps like a log. Hopefully everyone will get a decent nights kip tonight!

I am still having no luck with the photos, so I will write some posts with pics when I get back to Japan.

Daddy-ebi's baggage turned up today so that is one less thing to worry about, the customer service with SAS though is appalling, we flew with them last time and had no problems, can't say the same about it this time!

Right, I think it is time for a wee sherry!

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  1. Merry Christmas Jo!! Hope you had a good one. Hugs Emma xx


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