Saturday 15 January 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at home, final presents getting wrapped and the house was filled will the lovely smell of roasting turkey because mom decided to cook it the day before this year. My brother Daniel arrived and spent most of the time tormenting Ebi-kun and there was some family hoo-haa in the evening when my other brother turned up with his two kids who were supposed to be staying with their mom for Christmas day, that all got sorted and Ebi-kun got to play with his cousins for a while. Since Daniel was flying out to Spain on Boxing Day we decided that the kids could open his presents whilst he was still there.
 Dressing up costumes were a big hit, here is M shouting 'I'm a flying fairy' whilst jumping up and down.
 and here is all three of them, Ebi-kun is the knight (no surprises there), his helmet is modelled out of a one of those bags used for keeping food cool.
 What do you get if you cross a fairy and a pirate?  
 We ordered a Chinese takeaway for dinner and filled our boots then spent the evening getting drunk and reminising about the good old days, it is very rare these days that all of us are in the same country at the same time, let alone in the same house and we can't even remember when we were all together for Christmas last.

4am Ebi-kun woke up with a bit of a nose bleed and suddenly spied that santa had been and that his stocking was filled, we managed to convince him it was too early to actually get up and to go back to sleep. My brothers should be grateful since they were sleeping on the sofas downstairs. We ended up getting up about 7.30am Christmas day.....

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