Friday 14 January 2011

Playdate at Hairy Scary's house

(December 23rd)
My uncle is known as Hairy Scary or Hairy Scary Uncle Gra to give him his full title, due to the fact that he has a big beard and he likes to torment and scare the kids - the kids love it! 

He is also a fab cook, an added bonus of spending the day there. My cousin bought her two kids over to play, the boys played together really well,  I'm not sure what they are scheming about here....
They played the usual things that little boys play, trains, cars, building marble runs and of course running after each other screaming at the top of their voices, this is the point where the adults called for a quiet time and they both sat together and watched TV.
Little C was poorly so she was a grumpy little mite poor thing but she did play for a little bit and it looks like the bed head hair style runs in the family...
 M asked if he could play the bouncy ball game and all hell broke loose. The game rules are that the kids stand at the top of the stairs (with uncle Drew as a gate and watchman) and the parents stay at the bottom throwing balls up and the kids throw them back down, there were balls flying everywhere and lots of giggling, a great way to finish off the day, although I am not sure who was more shattered by the end of it.

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