Monday 24 January 2011

A very smiley visitor...

This little cutie, my newest cousin, is coming to visit this week, she is bring her parents with her.
C is 6 months old and going on her first tour, they are in Japan for a week then off to New Zealand followed by Australia and then stopping in Hong Kong before heading back to the UK.
Some of the family think that her mom and dad are a bit insane doing such a big trip whilst she is so young, I reckon it is easier to travel with a little one at this age rather than when she gets to 18mths or older.
What do you think? Would you travel with a 6mth old?


  1. Babies are much easier to travel with than toddlers - no question about it!

  2. adorable smiley baby! At the time I might not have but in hindsight after having traveled with toddlers and small people YES - traveling with a 6 month old is SO much easer. ten times fricken easier. Babies, especially breastfed babies, are so portable.

  3. Their needs are so much simpler at that age! They don't even want down to crawl on the nasty airport carpet! Yes--that's a good age to travel!

  4. I agree! I've traveled with my little man at three months, six months, one and a half and two and a half. So much easier under age 1 and I'm happy to see that having a little one isn't stopping them from living life to it's fullest!! Good for them!


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