Thursday 13 January 2011

Warwick Castle

(December 17th)
One of the highlights of our trip was going to Warwick castle and Di had won tickets. It was a bit of a drive down there because of the snow, we did consider turning round at one point but I am glad we pushed on. The castle and grounds are lovely, we couldn't walk around top of the castle walls because of the ice, which was a shame but there was one section we were able to go up and take in the view.
Here Ebi-kun is trying to pull the sword out of the anvil.

 We had lunch at the carvery, the food was great, I ended up getting a plate to share between Ebi-kun and I and we were both full afterwards. The room were ate in was lovely too, very grand, Ebi-kun kept asking if real knights had eaten in there.
 Around the castle there were things to do, such as 'guess what is in the box', check your strength bow meter and the coconut shy.
 And there were some shows put on, here Sir Lancelot was battling the baddie knight, Ebi-kun was in awe. There was another show later in the day involving a human canon but because of the weather and having a little one with us we decided to leave before that happened.
 Ebi-kun met the princess and had to give her a kiss - ahhhh
 All the staff were brilliant, they were all dressed up and were in character, the strongman who was wandering around was highly amusing, this little fella in the next picture scared the pants of me. We were walking through the section that tells you all about the life of a knight, they use lots of models and since Warwick castle is owned by the Madam Tussuad company (the famous waxworks museum) you can imagine that the models were exceptionally lifelike, except this guy wasn't a model so when he stood up I jumped a mile. He was very knowledgeable and was telling Ebi-kun all about bows and arrows.
 The castle also has displays through to the Victorian and Edwardian periods although Ebi-kun wasn't so interested in that, he did want to go in the dungeon but they have an age limit of 10 or above and I imagine it is pretty gruesome. What we did go on was this helter skelter which is apparently the one used the the Beatles Help film.
 and you are never too old to enjoy a helter skelta!
 That just about wrapped up the day, a big thanks to Di for taking us, we will definitely go back, hopefully in the summer next time so that we can enjoy the jousting and other summer activities.


  1. That looks like so much fun! My daughter is wanting to see a real castle, so we'll add this to our list of "Places to Go". Thanks for sharing :D

  2. This is on our list of places to go as we're an easy train ride away, but it is SO expensive to get regular tickets... I'll have to keep an eye out on Di's site for more competitions where I could win tix ;-)


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