Saturday 19 February 2011

And cookies were ninja fighting.....

Still have chance to enter for the steggie back pack giveaway

Ebi-kun got given a set of ninja cookie cutters for Christmas so since we are having a bit of a ninja thing at the moment we decided it was time to make mean ninja cookies. We used the sugar cookie and icing recipes from gaijin wife. The cookies were easy enough to make, rolling it on parchment paper and chilling  it in the fridge made the cutting out much easier. I had black food colouring but no matter how much I added I couldn't get the icing to turn back so we ended up with grey ninjas. I read on The Decorated Cookie that food gel colour is the way to go, I will have to look into that I think.
This is only the second time I have made sugar cookies and we all agreed that they are too sweet - I think they are only getting eaten because they are ninjas!
I'm not sure the best way to store these, I put them in a tupperware box but by the next day they had gone soft and a couple had lost limbs or they could have been kicking off in box overnight. 


  1. I keep mine in a tuppaware container in the fridge and they seem to last for about a week - and in fact after about four days are just the right 'hardness' for small people and vestlings with false teeth.

    They are super cute ninjas.

  2. cheer GW, I will try that this time, I have half the dough in the freezer and a pot luck party at the weekend, think I will pick something easier than ninja this time though :o)

  3. Ninja cookie cutters?! That is AWESOME.


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