Monday 21 February 2011

and the winners are.....

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Well, first thank you to everyone who left comments. I haven't actually counted the entries for the most popular dinosaurs but I reckon T-Rex is the winner from reasons for being cute in Toy Story and for having cute little forearms! Triceratops, the long neck (whatever it's real name is these days), pteranodon and stegosaurus were also very popular. There were a few in there I had never heard of, I will have to get my little dino expert to bring me up to speed on them.

And so, bought to you by
the first out of the hat is...

the second winner out of the cyber hat is...
*just to note that I have post numbers but blogger can only cope with 200 at a time so Lesley's post was on the second page for posts 201- 400

and the final winner is....
*same as above Stephanie was 25 on page 401-474
to all the winners, I will be in touch soon
for those who didn't win, the pattern is available in my Etsy shop.


  1. I have a crazy question. How do you get the little picture from to show up? I have tried and tried and can't figure that out! mstramel(at)melissastramel(dot)com

  2. LOL it's not that crazy, it took me a good while to figure it out, I do a screen shot, I use a Mac so it is the apple key, shift and 4 pressed down at the same time, it will come up with a little pointer that you can drag over the area you want to copy.
    If you use a windows machine, I am sorry but I have NO idea how to do it on there!


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