Monday 28 February 2011

another busy weekend....

chaos still reins in the Ebi household that and coughs and flem! Urgh. Saturday we did the usual weekly shop, rushed back for lunch and then the boys went off to footie practice and I headed into town to get some new stamp ink and machine needles. I failed miserably, the store didn't have the ink I wanted and the queue to pay was so long that I really couldn't be bothered to buy needles. I also had a free voucher for Starbucks but it was also really busy so I didn't even get to have a nice cuppa. Grumble, grumble.
 After the football/shopping we went round to a friends house for a 4th birthday party (little boy with the blond hair and blue shirt in the picture above). The kids had a great time, I sat in the corner dying! When ever we have a party we do pot luck, this time I took sticky chicken wings and alphabet cookies which disappeared within seconds.
Sunday we went to the clinic, Ebi-kun had also started coughing and sneezing so we thought we should nip it in the bud. I don't usually go to the doctors for a cold but I have so much on the next couple of weeks so I decided drugs are the way to go. Of course we were stuck in the clinic forever, there is money to be made out of sick people, that clinic is always packed. Then we went over to the craft store and karma was with me, not only did they have all the ink pads and needles I needed but they also had 20% off - yeeehaaaa. Then, it was off for lunch, back home and we collapsed on the sofa to watch How to train a dragon - again. Ebi-kun loves this film, it is rather cute! I managed to get a bit of work done between sneezes and nose blowing, we had dinner and I crashed and went to bed early.

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