Thursday 17 February 2011

Why don't you....

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make them to sell in your shop?
I thought I should explain why selling the patterns suits me better than making the Steggie back packs/Mermaid dolls/Space Cadet dolls/cute dogs etc.

Firstly and probably most sensibly, I can't afford to, to make make one of the items takes me a long time, I am painfully slow when it comes to cutting out, the sewing I am quite quick at but then all the little details, hand sewing etc. also takes me a long time, so realistically I would have to charge a small fortune for a kids backpack and I can't see anyone wanting to pay the amount I would have to charge. Sad but true.

Secondly, and for me, equally important - it would drive me insane. I derive no pleasure from reproducing the same thing over and over again. What I enjoy is the process, the figuring out how parts go together, the design aspect, the thought of making more than 5 of anything fills me with dread. I know some people are totally happy to make the same design again and again with odd tweaks here and there, maybe a change of fabric or a different colour combo but not me, as soon as one pattern is complete I am already working on my next idea.

So there is still time to sign up for the GIVEAWAY and there is a lot more other Celebrate The Boy goodness going on over at Dana and Rae's blogs, go check it out.

And a final note about the Steggie back pack pattern, I don't think it is suitable for an absolute beginner but for a beginner who is looking to step up their level they should be fine. 
Yes, it uses a zip - agghhhh scary, scary zips! 
Now, let me tell you a secret - zips are not scary, if fact they are fairly easy and once you have mastered it non sewers will think you are dead clever! Shhh don't be telling anyone else that.

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