Sunday 27 March 2011

Socks For Japan

Jason Kelly has set up Socks For Japan where they are getting new socks shipped to those in shelters, the socks are shipped in ziplock bags which then become useful items for the people in shelters to keep there various bits and bobs dry. If you are looking for another way to help then send off a couple of pairs of socks! Please read the information carefully, it helps those processing the socks if the packages are put together as they have requested. More info in the red box on the this page.

Send only new socks.
Put each pair in a sealed plastic bag.
Enclose a note: Care Letter Creation Page
Label, compress, and seal.
Write your email address on the package.
Write "Urgent: Relief Supplies" on the package.
For details, see our: Guidelines

Ship to:
Jason Kelly
Plaza Kei 101
Wakamatsu-cho 615-6
Sano, Tochigi 327-0846

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