Friday 11 March 2011

thank you

for all your messages of concern. We are safe but it was scary, I have never felt anything like it before. From what I gather there are no trains running, hubby works over an hours commute away, I haven't managed to get through to him but he has spoken to MIL. 
The news footage of the tsunami is awful, I can't watch it without crying, I can't even start to think about how many people will be affected. My first two years we spent in northern Japan, I feel sick thinking about friend up there.
 I got out our emergency bag and the camping gear just in case. The next town over has no electricity so I have been getting candles and the touches at the ready and filling up water carriers, hopefully we won't need it.
CNN has just shown Sendai, a city of over a million and a 10m wall of water went straight through it. There is an oil refinery on fire in Chiba. 


  1. Thank you for updating!
    As soon as I got home from work and heard the news I came to see if you posted!

    Wishing you, your family & friends all the best!

  2. I'm a long term lurker, but just wanted to drop in and say that I'm very glad to hear that you are okay.
    After our recent earthquakes here in NZ you have our very best wishes & thoughts.

  3. I am glad you are OK but I too am very anxious about family in Kitakami and the surrounding area, plus K's husband who is in a coastal town up there.

  4. Vicky, me too, we have lots of friends up there. I didn't realise K's DH was over there

  5. Thank goodness. I caught up the news late, but have been worrying since. Stay safe and well!

  6. Glad to hear you're ok. Take care!! xxx

  7. Glad you are safe & will send good thoughts your way - hope that you will use your camping gear because you want to have fun, and not because you need it :)

  8. I don't know what to say. I just wanted you to know my thought and prayers are with you and all of Japan. Thank you for letting us know that you are alright.

  9. Hugs to you today - I'm so glad to hear that you are safe!

  10. The earthquake calamity is just heartbreaking!

    Glad to know you and your family are safe.

  11. Glad to hear that you and yours are safe and well. I thought about your family as the news was breaking here.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there.



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