Saturday 16 April 2011

All types of cute....

When I first came to Japan I couldn't get over the amount of 'cute' things, I don't mean stickers or little pouches, I mean everything seems to be cute (well almost). After a while it becomes second nature to pick up a bag of apples with some cute character smiling at you. I was down at the shops the other day with time to mooch, so I snapped some pictures for you as I wandered around my favourite store 'Passport' which is basically cute overload, if it isn't cute, it doesn't get in the door....

I LOVE this rice bowl with miso bowl hat, seriously cute.

This gadget is a lid for your tea cup and it holds the spoon for you too.

piggy humidfiers, the steam comes out of it's nose!

who wouldn't like cleaning if you used this? Actually, I have a ladybird duster  lol.
and to the supermarket we go.... 
Anpanman tissue boxes

even the fabric softener is cute

king sponge, cleaning sponges that get the marks off everything - apparently.
If your child decorates your walls with crayon, this is what you need to get it off, luckily I have never had to use it.

tacoyaki sauce, takoyaki are chopped up bits of octopus in a fluffy batter balls.

and this chap, he lives in the rice box to keep the rice good,
I'm not sure if it is to keep bugs out or to keep it dry, it says  it is for tasty rice!
 and that was just a tiny selection of cute!


  1. awwww ^.^ ...I miss Japan! >_<

  2. The cleaning sponge guy looks a little menacing! Maybe if I had him around my DD would never have drawn on the walls on the first place :-P


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