Monday 4 April 2011

Calling Japanese Speakers....

As you know there are many men working at Fukushima nuclear plant trying to make the place stable. One of the women in an online group I belong to is the wife of the guy who supplied the 58m Putzmeister pump. Yesterday she wrote saying that they will be soon be getting a new 70m pump, the largest in the world and only 3 exist.

Her husband and his team trained the workers on how to use the pump, these workers left for the Daiichi plant have not returned. They are staying at J Village - a football training ground that they are using to house all the Daiichi workers and SDF crews.

This week her husband will meet with one of the Daiichi workers for extra training and this is where you come in. They are collecting letters or notes to put in a binder to send back to J Village with the newly trained worker, these notes of hope and encouragement need to be written in Japanese.

These men are putting their lives on the line, they are working in awful conditions and many of them have lost family and their homes. For a lot of them, they have no idea if their family is alive, dead or missing or even if they have a house to return to once the mess is cleaned up. They have not slept in a proper bed since the quake and are working on rations, a fact I find disgusting, these men are doing such a tremendous job, the least TEPCO could do is feed them 3 decent meals a day.

So... If you write Japanese please write a short message to the workers you can leave a comment on this post (in Japanese) or you can mail it to me at montessori.swapshop 'at' gmail 'dot' com, I will collect them all together and send them on. Time is of the essence so I will collect them all on Tuesday evening JST and send them. Please put your name and where you are from at the end of the message, I am sure the workers will appreciate it.

If you don't speak Japanese but would still like to leave a message, there is a FB page dedicated to the workers, 
Three Hundred Silent Samurai


  1. I heard about the silent samurai. Thank you for the link to the facebook page. I'll pass the word along too.

  2. ヘルパーの皆様へ、

  3. 福島の英雄たちへ、



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