Monday 25 April 2011

Cheep Cheep party food

Saturday I had planned to do some fabric shopping but the weather was awful so we ended up staying at home. We had the playgroup Egg hunt and picnic the next day so we got busy making something to take along, it was like a chicken factory in our kitchen, Ebi-kun was in charge of fluff and faces...

 How cute are they? I saw a picture over on Pinterest (yes, I know, I am addicted!) I didn't click through though so I don't know how the others were made. We made cupcakes then I made some yellow butter icing and covered each cupcake with that. Then down the production line Ebi-kun coloured some shredded coconut with yellow food colour (I did the same thing with his football pitch birthday cake). He added some coconut, little choco sweet for the eyes and pieces of gummy candy for the beaks.

 Seriously, these almost turned me vegan!

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