Wednesday 20 April 2011


I love how our have turned out this year. We bought white eggs to start with, boiled them and then decorated them with electrical tape, make sure you smooth the tape at the edges. Then we soaked them in food colouring mixed with lemon juice and water. To dry them I stuck some pins into a piece of foam to make rests, then when they were dry we peeled off the tape.

This year we won't have as many families at the egg hunt due to the quake but we have decided to make it more difficult to find the eggs by having the kids names written on them and they will only be able to collect their own eggs, the little ones with have their own sticker. Hope the weather stays nice.

There are lots of other egg decorating ideas over at hand on: as we grow


  1. Gorgeous easter eggs!The designs are so sweet.

  2. Wow! I love these - what a great idea!

  3. Think I am going to try this method this year. Great idea! they all turned out so pretty!

  4. They look fab! Did you cut the electrical tape up first or did ebikun help you?

    I saw this post today-

    and I think that will be the way I do it with the boys next year. We did some Easter activities this year (and will do an egg hunt on the weekend) but no egg dying as I thought Noah was a bit young still (16 months) but DEFINITELY next year!

  5. beautiful! The colours are so soft and springy! We'll be decorating ours on Friday, we'll have to try the tape method - Thanks

  6. lulu - I cut the circles and Ebi-kun cut the small strips, the make the stripes I cut a piece of tape lengthways first and wrapped it round.
    We did try putting an egg in red taking off the tape and putting it in yellow but the whole thing just went orange!

  7. Another very creative idea to decorate eggs! I need to just keep adding and adding to my collection! :)

    Thanks for the link!


  8. love these!! bookmarking this for next year!

  9. Great idea with the electrical tape!


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