Wednesday 13 April 2011


You know, when I started this blog, I didn't know what to call it and ended up with A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That because I planned to share with family and friends back home the things that we were up to. Ebi-kun's antics, our Montessori journey, building the house, life in Japan. As time passed other people started reading the blog too, and I started adding my crafting and sewing into the mix too. Now, almost 4 years on I am having to add earthquake posts too, it feels so strange to be writing a post about fundraising for victims of the quake and the next about us trying to get back to normal having a hanami picnic but at least the blog still suits it's name!
So, here we are in Shiroyama koen, this is my favourite park around here to enjoy a hanami picnic, the trees are beautiful, there is a play area near the trees and for some reason it is never that crowded, possibly because it isn't within walking distance of the station so those wanting to drink need a driver too.
Don't panic, he isn't really drinking beer, it is alcohol free anyway.

We have had ninja rice balls and now we have pirates!

See what I mean, real grass and usually you can have a whole tree to yourself, somewhat of contrast to Ueno koen....
Ueno Park, Sakura
photo credit Shibuya246
It was a bit chilly when we first got there but it soon warmed up. People are encouraged to hold their usual hanami parties to help the economy recover, a lot of sake is produced in Tohoko so they need you to buy it and get drunk - cheers to that!


  1. Wow, look at how beautiful the sakura are! One of our hopes is to one day take our daughter N. to a Hanami picnic in Japan. The problem is the timing isn't very good for those of us who work in universities... (right around finals, ugh).

    Thank you for posting the pictures. We can live vicariously through your family. :)

  2. how gorgeous! :) hanami is too pretty to miss!

  3. I appreciate all of the information I have found through your blogging, it has been very informative. But it is also nice to see Japanese traditions continued and enjoyed. The pictures of your hanami are so beautiful. It's so lovely to enjoy your family under those millions of pink petals.Best wishes!


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