Tuesday 12 April 2011

New patterns.... and an offer

I was going to release these patterns officially after the art show but due to the quake, the show never happened and I'm not sure if it will now, so rather than everything sitting in boxes I thought I might as well put things in the shop.
First up is the rainbow drops mobile and cushion pattern... yes, it is a 2 for 1 pattern, you can make the mobile, which I have to say is one of my favourites to date. Then you can make a matching cushion too.

Next up, still on the rainbow theme are the Button Up Stars and Bag Pattern. These have been in my sketch book for a looong time and I always thought they would be easy to whip up but in reality I ended up making a lot of prototypes until I got the shape and size right. Perfect for little ones to do some buttoning practice and learning colours. You could make two of each colour for a matching activity too. Ebi-kun sat for ages buttoning and unbuttoning, making new designs and patterns. They can be stored in an adorable little tote so they are easy to take with you.

Both patterns use felt and are suitable for beginners, the Button Up Stars are a great way to practice your button hole making skills - it is easy, honest!
Now for the offer for my lover bloggy friends and FB followers, if you buy two patterns you get the second half price (I will refund the difference). It applies to any of the patterns* in the shop.
*Space Cadets are included but the refund will be for half the price of a pattern.
Offer is good until the end of April.

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