Saturday 2 April 2011

Off to work he goes....

Yesterday Ebi-kun* got out his work bag, the black one on the desk in the picture below, which is like a mini version of Daddy-ebi's bag. Then he filled it with essential things such and a selection of pens and a note book, said good by to me and off he went to work. At his desk he worked away until home time, he brought his work home with him to show me.
 Then he decided it needed to be displayed, we do hang his artwork, his sunflowers picture is framed and hangs in the living room, his red, yellow and blue paintings are hanging upstairs, we have a rotating art shelf and some of his artwork framed and hung as you go up the stairs. But alas, this is not enough so he went ahead and found his own way to display his work.....
yep, he has pegged it to the silk drapes!

*for those new followers, welcome, it is lovely to have you, have a look through the archives, it is not all doom and gloom - I promise! and Ebi-kun is five and half years old.

I have been updating the totals for the appeal as they come in, now over $5000 / ¥420,000 totally amazing.
and don't forget that you can still get a ticket for the beautiful bracelet/pendent here


  1. How awesome is that? My little one does something very similar (albeit at 2 years old still) where she gets all her things in her bag and says "I gotta go to work."

    I actually really like his display idea. Go for a whole drape covered in art!

  2. I love that he cliped his work to the drapes. It is acutally a really great idea! Maybe I will hang a piece of cloth in our school room and let the kids clip their work. The cork board fills up too quickly! :)


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