Monday 11 April 2011

what a way to mark one month.....

by giving us another friggin big quake, Mag 7.4 increased to Mag 7.7 at the epicentre followed by tsunami warnings. The centre was near the nuclear plant, I hope everything is OK up there or we will be virtually back to square one. 

We had just had a thunderstorm when the last one hit, Ebi-kun reckons it is the thunder god and earthquake god having a fight, wish they would make up and the earthquake god get himself a double dose of vallium.

It is most defiantely an emotional roller coaster, I should be shedding pounds by the day at this rate! Actually, I think I might be going the other way *sigh*. Can't even get pissed to take my mind off things, drunk in the middle of a quake, nope, not a good idea. If you are away from the action, do me a favour and have a large glass of something strong to help settle my nerves, I will have to do with a cup of tea for now.


  1. Take care Jo! All my thoughts are with everyone in Japan. Hope the gods will make up pretty soon. xx

  2. This is insane. I think the Earthquake God or Goddess is the one who needs a bit of a drink. I'm so nervous for everyone in Japan. Please take care. Hopefully the Earth will settle down soon.

  3. I would love to get pissed for you, but, it being so early in the day here in TN and having 3 young ones to care for makes it a dubious endeavor....maybe hubby can give you a massage instead. Much positive energy and prayers headed to you and the rest of Japan.

  4. I can only imagine how on edge you must be! I will have a stiff drink whilst thinking of you and hoping for some calm soon.


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