Friday 6 May 2011

Children's Day...

Yesterday was children's day, one of the great things about camping at this time of year is seeing all the carp banners flying, out in the country many houses have enormous poles with the carp flying. On the pole should be a big black fish which is the father, a red one for the mother and then one for every male child in the family. When you have a couple of generations living together you get poles with several carp and it looks amazing blowing in the wind.

We didn't do anything special, daddy-ebi build a bookcase (more on that later) then took Ebi-kun down to the park whilst I stained the bookcase and caught up on my blog reading. Then for dinner we made koi nobori pizza......
It was delicious and we could pick our own favourite toppings, yum!


  1. Utterly adorable! And delicious looking too! The zucchini scales are my favourite.
    : )

  2. I love that idea and will definitely borrow it next year!


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