Tuesday 31 May 2011

Discovering Australasia....

Ebi-kun has been asking a lot about Australia recently so yesterday I found out all the things we have collected over the last few years. We have some great items from swaps and my friend Liv has sent us some great books and little animals. Ebi-kun started off by making the map, he traced around all the parts on different coloured card the cut them out and stuck them down and labelled it all. We will add the major cities today.
Then we decided to make ANZAC biscuits, I have a feeling they are not supposed to spread out quite like this, I have a sneaky suspicion that the recipe I used was an Aussie one and the cups are different to US cups, oh well, they taste OK! Those with eagle eyes will notice that the coconut is yellow, it was some left over from another cooking project!


  1. Hi Jo. Yes, you're right, our cup and spoon sizes are different to US and Japanese cups. A standard metric cup here is 250ml and a tablespoon is 20 mls, as opposed to 200ml and 15ml in Japan (not sure of the US measurements but I think they're similar to the Japanese ones). A teaspoon is the same 5ml, though, so you could just add an extra teaspoon to your regular tablespoon.
    I've never made Anzac bikkies myself (must try one day), so can't tell you if they are meant to spread out like that or not, but they do look yummy. Well done.

  2. Our Anzac biscuits always spread out - don't know if they do that in Australia but in Brum they do!

  3. Oh why have we never tried ANZAC biscuits - thanks for the idea!!! Here's our great Australian Round-up - fun things to do, from a while back: http://www.se7en.org.za/2010/05/08/virtual-voyage-the-great-australian-round-up
    Have a fun day...

  4. Ebi-kun is a man with good taste! Anzac bikkies should be a bit chewy in my opinion. Some people cook them until they really snap and crunch though. Damper is another great Aussie kid friendly food. Especally if you wind the dough round a stick, cook it over a barbie and then fill the hole from the stick with golden syrup- yum!

    Love the map but am wondering how you went with the cities as our capital is in a spec of a territory that missed the map!

  5. Yes! They do spread!

    But - if they were just "okay" then maybe u should try them again with the Oz measurements because Lovely-one & I made some a week ago & they were SOOOO delicious :) Good Luck!

    p.s. Let me know if you want my recipe. It's super simple. x

  6. I think the problem was the cup size, I'll make adjustment next time we make them!

    se7en, loads of great links on your page, thanks.

    Heather - hopefully we will get to do the cities today - we got distracted by broken giraffe bones (all we come clear once I put the post up!)


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