Tuesday 10 May 2011

Finally....the before and after shots!

Blimey, it seems like a long time since we started giving the living room a make-over. We bought a new sofa because our old one had had it, once you sat on it it was next to impossible to get up again. We also decided to move out ancient TV over to the other corner too and I finally got round to making new drapes too, so here we go....


 And the other corner, before....

I still need to make some new DVD boxes, the ones we have the bottoms have fallen out! It is also a big mission to get Ebi-kun to keep his desk tidy, this is as close as it gets.

New visitors always ask about our photos, most of them were taken on our year trip to South America with the exception of Angkor Wat from when we got married.
And of last but not least, the bookcase, I drew up a design and daddy-ebi build. It is mostly Ebi-kuns books, I found a pile of ladybird books in the cupboard that are the right level for him now and I also added some of my art and design books, he likes looking at them as I do! I got a couple of horizontal shelves put in too so he has somewhere to stack his National Geographic Kids magazines and his workbooks.


  1. It looks lovely, Jo!
    May you have many wonderful family moments there...:)

  2. Wow, it looks great Jo. I love the new sofa! Did you purposely arrange the books in rainbow colours? It looks fantastic.
    And those drapes!! Fab.
    Emma x

  3. thank you! and yes about the rainbow books :o) As a kid I would spend hours arranging and rearranging my bookshelf to see which was the most pleasing to the eye, size, colour, ISBn number lol, maybe I missed my calling in life!

  4. Looks great! You must be so pleased.


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