Tuesday 3 May 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

The parcel has turned up so now I can show you two more of the projects and one of Ebi-kuns...
Ebi-kun decorated a little wooden box for moms birthday.
He used a butterfly punch and origami paper and LOTS of glue.
He got bored after doing the top, he was going to cover the whole thing so I suggested just sticking a few butterflies as detail on the sides, he liked that idea and used his special gold origami paper for it.
And from me are projects 13 and 14. It is the first time I have tried making anything with these type of handles, top stitching was a bit of a fiddle but the rest came together quite easily, I made up the pattern as I went along...my type of sewing!
It is lined with beautiful Thai silk and I decided it needed a bit of something on the outside too.
A silk flower with a vintage button in the centre.

The flower is a brooch so mom can take it off if she feels like it.
Sorry it was so late getting to you mom, I did post it in plenty of time!
Happy Birthday!
The Queen gets two so maybe you should have two too!

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