Friday 20 May 2011

poorly sick

Ebi-kun has been coughing the last couple of nights but seemed OK during the day then yesterday he came home for yochien with a fever, so it was off to the doctors.
 He needs to have food with the medicine so it was the old poorly-sick stand-by of chow-chow and soliders. He asked for posh chow-chow, meaning that the chopped up egg also has tomato in it and he  wanted bread soldiers. He only managed about half but better than nothing.
What do you serve up when someone is poorly sick in your house?
And, why is it when you have a baby you can go for months without a decent nights sleep but once they are older, 3 nights of broken sleep and you feel like one of the living dead?


  1. Poor Ebi-kun! Get better soon little knight! Poorly food around here is chicken noodle soup or apple sauce if they are really not wanting to eat. And of course lots and lots of fluids. If you're sick you get fizzy drinks (CC Lemon) and the envy of your sibling which almost makes a fever worth it, huh?

    And I hear you on the sleep thing. A friend was talking about having another baby and asked me if I'd thought about it. The first thing I said was 'I couldn't go back to not sleeping again!!'

  2. Hmmm...I guess every family has very different foods to eat when they're sick! I don't think my kids would go for eggs or tomatoes. Our usual food is toast or crackers, applesauce, and watered-down juice. One of mine likes cornmeal mush or mashed sweet potatoes...

  3. I lke buttered toast when I am under the weather (or hungover!) and hubby likes that sloppy rice urgh. We always had Lucozade when we were sick as kids.

    Looks like he is on the mend, his fever broke in the night, so he is genki and I feel like a piece of chewed string

  4. hi i have been reading your blog for a while now but first time to leave a comment. i want to know if you are running a montessori school or classes in which part of Japan?

  5. Chi Hua Hua - we are in Saitama, I don't run classes we just do Montessori at home. I was helping with a once a month Montessori class at a friends farm/school but that has been put on hold for a while.

  6. My husband grew up eating bread soldiers too. It's so simple, yet so appealing to a sick little boy. Hope he gets well soon.

  7. When I was ill as a kid (which was pretty often) I refused to eat anything but mashed potatoes. Nowadays I crave sparkling water (because it feels good when the throat is itching) and eat cereals with milk or sourmilk.

    Get better, Ebi-kun!


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