Tuesday 24 May 2011

What kind of bird do you find in the kitchen?

a tea t-owl!

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Sorry, I blame Di for that rubbish joke! But talking of owls, we watched Legend Of The Guardians: The  Owls Of Ga-Hoole the other day, lovely film and as with every film Ebi-kun watched he wants to act it out afterwards. He tried to make himself some wings out of paper but failed miserably then I remembered that I had seen some wings on Pinterest so I followed the link and ended up here.
I had a pile of brown and green 'old mans fabric' that I was trying to think how to get rid of and decided they would be perfect. The directions on llevoelinvierno are for a smaller child so I will share how I did it, you can make it for any sized child this way.
Measure from the nape of the neck to the child's wrist and then from the nape to the child's bum. Fold a piece of fabric in half then from corner use the arm measurement along the top and the bum measurement down the side, join the two ends with an arc so you end up with a 1/4 circle (figure A). 

click on the diagram then print

Then I made a template of one feather and cut out lots of feathers, I did several layers of fabric at once. Starting at the curved edge place the feathers next to each other I didn't bother pinning, just added the next one as I sewed. Continue until you have finished all the rows. Sew a hoop of elastic to each wrist. Then make a collar with a piece of webbing, it fastens with velcro and attached the inner top corners of the wings to the collar. The whole thing took me about an hour.
Of course he needed a mask too, I used felt as the base, if your child already has a mask use that as a template or just wing it, then cut 3 pairs of circles of different sizes but the centre hole (for the eyes) needs to be the same. Layer the circles on top of each other and sew around the middle with zig-zag stitch. There will be too much fabric where the circles overlap in the middle, just trim it down once you have sewn them. Add a piece of elastic as a headband, you are done!
It turned out to be a fairly quick project, Ebi-kun loves being an owl and I am tempted to make a pretty parrot set with felt feathers! Even if you don't think your sewing skills are up to much you can wing this, sorry, no pun intended! You could even do it with fabric glue instead.


  1. That is so wonderful!!!! :)

  2. Can you explain how you used the webbing to make the collar? Also are the two wings separate in the middle?

    1. Hi! I just sewed the wings to the webbing then added a bit of velcro to each side to it was easy to take on and off. They are two separate wings, just attached together at the top at the webbing.

  3. My daughter wants to be a snowy owl. I need to buy the fabric for feathers. I was thinking maybe using felt- please let me know if that is a bad idea? I am not at all experienced with sewing! Also how much of it should i buy? Any help would be so appreciated!!

    1. Yes you could use felt, it would be easier because it doesn't fray. I'm not sure how much your would need. What I would do is measure your daughters arm from her wrist to her spine. Then from the base of her neck to her waist. That will give you an idea but of course the pieces need cutting out and layering so maybe 2 or 3 time the size you measured then x2 because you have 2 wings to do.
      I hope that helps!


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